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Dental Emergencies During the Coronavirus

Date: August 30, 2021

What precautions have we taken to protect patients and staff during the coronavirus pandemic? 

At Gentle Dental Care, we are committed to remaining open during the coronavirus pandemic to service patients where we can. Operating in the current environment is challenging and we are acutely aware of the need to limit the community spread of COVID-19. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have implemented the following measures which act in conjunction with our regular stringent infection control protocols.

To find out if you are able to attend for an appointment or if you would like to know more about government mandated restricitons on dentists click here.

Screening of all persons that attend our practices: 

We are using hospital-grade thermal scanners to conduct fever screenings of all staff, patients and other persons on entering our clinics. In addition, all staff and patients are screened with regards to their travel history, current health status, and contact with confirmed cases. This screening of patients limits the possibility of a person infected with COVID-19 will enter the practice. 

Increased environmental cleaning: 

We have increased environmental cleaning of hard surfaces such are door handles, staircase railings, pens, computer mouses and keyboards and chair arm rests including at the reception desk and patient waiting rooms. 

Environmental cleaning within the dental clinic.

Modified waiting rooms for social distancing: 

We have modified our waiting rooms by removing chairs to ensure social distancing within the waiting areas. Hand sanitiser is provided for patients and we are encouraging them to use this on entering the clinics. 

Restriction of dental services: 

We have restricted patients in line with government-mandated restrictions. These restrictions limit the number of patients attending and procedures performed at our practices. To find out more about these restrictions click here. We have also introduced a number of protocols to limit the production of aerosols during the treatment of patients. These include:

– The use of Peroxyl mouthrinses prior to procedures

– The use of rubber dam during procedures

– limiting the use of high speed handpieces which can generate aerosols.

Increased staff training: 

We have increased staff training to ensure all protocols are followed and a high standard is maintained. Particular attention has been paid to the treatment rooms where dental procedures are performed. 

Decontamination of the dental treatment room.

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